True or False? Dental Implants are NOT as Sturdy as Natural Teeth?


Dental implants are so durable that they can function as effectively as natural teeth. According to the American Dental Association, dental implants are the strongest, most reliable replacements you can have for your teeth.  

Here are a few reasons to support our answer:

1)  Because dental implants are fixed into your jawbone, they should not move at all. This permanence make your dental implants tougher than natural teeth.

2)  Natural teeth are susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Unlike natural teeth, dental implants cannot decay at all. Bacteria in your mouth cannot corrode ceramic crowns, titanium posts, and abutments. Because of this, your dental implants can serve you better and longer than natural teeth.

3)  Dental Implants are made of dental-grade titanium, which is one of the strongest metals in the world.  Titanium is a common material used in the field of medicine. It binds well with human bone and resists deterioration making dental implants as sturdy or more than natural teeth.

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