Outlive with Improved Oral Health

Dr. Sutor here!  

In my spare time, I love to read or listen to books!  My staff teases me that I’m a “book nerd” as I may just be found in a beach chair reading some clinical or wellness book!  

I wanted to share a current book I’m reading by one of my favorite Doctors named Peter Attia. It is called “Outlive”.  In this book, Dr. Attia discusses rethinking medicine for the age of chronic disease to Exercise, the most powerful longevity drug!  I am extremely interested in the continuing science that is coming out monthly on the effects of our oral health on our overall systemic health.  Topics like how gum disease can increase the risk for things like alzheimers, diabetes, intestinal disease, arthritis, smaller weight for term babies and more.  Next time you visit the dentist, be sure to ask your dentist or periodontist about these topics as your dentist is actually a vital part of your healthcare team!  One test your dentist or dental hygienist should perform for you is a periodontal charting.  With this charting, your dentist or dental hygienist uses a periodontal probe which is a small gum ruler that measures the health of your gums and bones.  The results of this test can be an early indicator of the health of your mouth and your risk or current status of periodontal disease.  Controlling oral disease or oral health conditions can help keep patients living healthier lives and potentially lower the risk of so many other diseases.

Gum disease is the #1 cause for tooth loss in America and now we are finding that the inflammation related to gum disease is also involved in other systemic related diseases of our body so when you are improving the health of your mouth remember that you are also improving the overall health of your body at the same time!

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