Oral Health Tips for Winter

Winter is coming and the stress of the holidays, a lot of activities, and lack of sleep can negatively affect your dental and overall health.  Here are a few simple ways to combat the winter germs!  

1)  Sensitive teeth?  Consider using a sensitive toothpaste to help with the cold sensitivity the frigid temps bring!

2)  Drink plenty of fluids (WATER) to hydrate!  Running the heat in our homes can increase the dry air and in turn cause a dry mouth, especially overnight.   Increasing your water intake will help maintain moisture in your mouth.  Increased moisture reduces bad bacteria.  

3)  Limit sugar!  Enjoy those holiday treats, (especially the hot cocoa) but just be mindful and make sure to brush after!

4)  Wash Hands regularly to keep all those nasty germs at bay and be specifically conscious of keeping your hands from your eyes and mouth as to not transfer those germs!

5)  Change Your Toothbrush Often!  Increased germs can stay present on your toothbrush and wreak havoc!  Recommend changing it every 3-4 Months but definitely change it following an illness like the cold or flu!

6)  Visit Your Dentist!  Be sure to keep your normal 6 month cleanings and if you haven't seen a dentist in a while, here's your reminder to schedule a visit!

Wishing you a Happy and HEALTHY Winter Season! 🎄🎅☃️🦷

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