One Dental Implant - Several Benefits

Dental implants have been benefiting people since the mid 1960’s, they were first created to help a person’s denture to be more stable and allow for better comfort and the ability to eat better but over the past many decades dental implants have evolved greatly with stronger materials, faster healing and more predictable outcomes for our patients.

This patient of Dr. Mark Sutor was treated by removing a failing tooth and immediately placing a dental implant. Dr. Sutor was also able to place a beautiful temporary crown the same day! The benefits of being able to provide this type of care to patients is multifaceted as follows:

#1: The treatment can be provided “same day”!  Dr. Sutor removed the bad tooth and placed the implant immediately so our patient only had to have one surgical experience.

#2: The patient left our Bloomington office with a tooth that didn’t have to be removed!

#3: We also did some bone grafting which will stimulate his bone to regrow while the implant is healing over the first several months.

#4: The patient loved how natural his temporary tooth looked when he smiled!

#5: Patients favorite part, He will be able to eat better!

#6: He experienced little to no pain afterwards!

Dr. Sutor performs this type of procedure called "Immediate Temporization" nearly every day in his Bloomington, Indiana practice and he encourages anyone who wants to benefit from this type of modern dental implant treatment to contact us for a complimentary dental implant consultation.

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